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2023-2024 Season Application Letter

Members wishing to play full-time and be placed on a team must complete an application
and pay dues no later than September 20, 2023. All participants not meeting the
established deadline for payment of dues may be placed in the Player Pool until openings
on teams occur. Other restrictions may be forthcoming upon Board approval of
recommendations by the Rules Committee.
Total dues/fees for Active Members will be two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).
New members classified as Rookies will pay three hundred twenty-five dollars ($325.00).
The rookie fee includes home and away jerseys and caps as well as the choice of either a
pair of approved long or short pants. Members who purchase their own club approved
pants/shorts will pay three hundred dollars ($300). If any member would like a 2nd home
or away jersey, please add an additional $30 per jersey.
The club's constitution, bylaws and rules are posted on our website
( These documents should be read thoroughly before
completing and submitting the application. All members are responsible for knowing the
requirements for membership in the Half-Century Softball Club.
When submitting your application and payment:
1. Complete a Registration form (this is needed for insurance purposes and keeps our
records current).
2. Write a check or money order payable to the “St. Petersburg Half Century Softball
Club” or to the “St. Pete HCS”.
Active Members: two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) (+$30 per additional jersey)
New Members (Rookies): three hundred twenty-five dollars ($325.00) (+$30 per
additional jersey)
Deliver your payment with application by mail or in person to club Treasurer, Bob Brown,

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