2020-2021 Season Application Information

Members wishing to play full-time and be placed on a team must complete an application and pay dues no later than September 25th, 2020.  All participants not meeting the established deadline for payment of dues will be placed in the Player Pool until openings on teams occur. Other restrictions may be forthcoming upon Board approval of recommendations by the Rules Committee.

Total dues/fees for Active Members and Veterans will be two hundred dollars ($200.00).
New members classified as Rookies will pay three hundred dollars ($300.00).
The rookie fee includes home and away jerseys and caps as well as the choice of either a pair of approved long or short pants. (Members who purchase their own Club approved pants/shorts will pay $280.) If any member would like a 2nd home or away jersey, please add an additional $30 per jersey.


The club's constitution, bylaws and rules are posted here. These documents should be read thoroughly before completing and submitting the application. All members are responsible for knowing the requirements for membership in the Half-Century Softball.

When submitting your application and payment:

1. Complete a Registration form (this is needed for insurance purposes and keeps our records current).

2. Write a check or money order payable to the “St. Petersburg Half Century Softball Club” or to the “St. Pete HCS”.

Active Members & Veterans: two hundred dollars ($200.00) (+$30 per additional jersey)

New Members (Rookies): three hundred dollars ($300.00) (+$30 per additional jersey)

Deliver your payment with application (below) by mail or in person to club Treasurer, Norm Perry, 2075 Tanglewood Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33703. Be sure to indicate your preference of full season or part-time (pool) player as well as the date you expect to arrive. Opening Day is projected for October 16th, 2019.




Please Print

FULL NAME: _________________________________________HOME PHONE:__________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS: _____________________________________CELL PHONE: ___________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT:_______________________________ PHONE:_________________________________


LOCAL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________


ALTERNATE (SUMMER) ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: ______________    BIRTHPLACE:___________________________________

Active member: Uniform #_____    New applicant Uniform # Request ____

Additional Jerseys? RED______ BLUE _________
Shirt size: ________        Pant size________
If you plan to be away during the season, please specify what months ______________________
Do you want to be assigned to a team ________ or Player Pool only ________
Date of Availability    ____/____/ 2020     The projected season start date is:  Monday, 10/19/20

Applicant must furnish a copy of a government issued photo ID to verify age. Documentation must be submitted with the application. Copies will be retained for Club records.

Please Read

Applicant must be available to play in all scheduled games, attend all membership meetings, be willing to play any position directed by his team Captain and perform other volunteer duties as specified by the club.                                                  


Voluntary Consent to Club Release/Indemnity Agreement:

In consideration for permission to participate in the St. Petersburg Half Century Club, I hereby acknowledge that I am aware that participation in a sports club involves risk, including but not limited to injury, illness and even death, or loss of property associated with games, practices or any other Club related activity.

I hereby recognize all risks associated with my participation in any Club associated activity and agree to release, waive, indemnify and hold harmless the City of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Half Century Softball Club and their respective officers.  In signing this agreement, I attest that the above information is correct. I have carefully read it and understand that the terms hereof serve as a release and assumption of risk and have signed it voluntarily.



                                                                                          Signature                                          Date



Total fee must be submitted with application.


For club use, do not complete below this line


Annual Dues $__________ Playing /Uniform fee $ ________ Total $__________

Date Received ___________ Age Verified by ______________

Copy to: Secretary ________ Treasurer _________ Date approved by Board________




I,                                                         (Print Name), hereby forever discharges and releases THE HALF CENTURY SOFTBALL CLUB, their respective agents, directors, officers, managers, coaches, volunteers and/or assigns from any and all injuries, liabilities, claims, demands, costs, expenses, damages or causes of action, to include but not be limited to claims of negligence that the undersigned may incur or acquire during the course of their participation in, involvement with, or attendance at softball games and/or any other use of the facilities. This release is to include, but not be limited to, contraction of the COVID-19 virus and any and all complications, injuries permanent or otherwise to include possible death as a result thereof.


The undersigned acknowledges that THE HALF CENTURY SOFTBALL CLUB has made no assurances or representations regarding the safety or viability of participating in softball games or other club activities in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Further, the undersigned acknowledges that THE HALF CENTURY SOFTBALL CLUB has advised that each club member must make the determination that is best for their safety of participation in games and/or other club activities.


This “Waiver and Release of Liability” is given for and in consideration of the opportunity to participate in softball games and/or other club activities, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged.



The City of St. Petersburg is requiring a Covid-19 Action Plan prior to the leasing of any city recreation fields. To review the Action Plan, click the link below