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2021-22 Championship

"Kings on 3!"
Todd Bibza line drive
Steve Jones on the mound
Aspinall Home Run
Kedersha Base hit
Dennis Kennedy
Anthony DeLuca drives the ball
"The Rock"
Norm Perry makes the out
Mark Perkins and Rich Boler round the bases
Paul Doherty ready at 3rd
Peter Beauregard knuckleball
Gar McCray makes a running catch
John Sackett pulls the ball
Todd Bibza makes the catch
Jimmy Apsinall swinging hard
Carl East throw out at 1st
Gar McCray ready to hit
Dennis Kennedy play at 1st
Tim Brown going the other way
Home Run High Fives for Todd Rath
Our scoring desk with announcer, Tom Glenn
Scott Stein eye on the ball
Scott Stein SAFE!
Tim Brown with a pop up catch
Peter Beauregard throwing a strike
Mark Perkins turning a double with Tim Talbot
Tim Talbot up with Gar McCray ready
Tim Brown and Carl East turning a double play
Mark Perkins throw to Dennis Kennedy at 1st
Steve Jones on the mound
Jimmy Aspinall winding up
A pitch just thrown by Pete Beauregard
Steve Jones to Tim Brown
John Sackett making a catch
Steve Jones right down the middle to Tim Brown
Mark Perkins firing to 1st
Peter beauregard knuckleball to Mark Ewin.
Rich Boler hits one off of Peter Beauregard
Pete Beauregard to Dennis Kennedy
Todd Bibza awaiting a fly ball
Geroge Nestorovich singles off of Pete Beauregard
George Nestorovich connects off of Pete Beauregard
Tim Talbot with a pop up catch
Paul Doherty ready to swing
Mark Ewin making a throw from the outfield
Carl East ready to hit
Tim Talbot, infield fly
Todd Rath pulls the ball hard
Carl East turning two
Mark Perkins hitting with men on
Pete Beauregard fast ball
Steve Jones base hit
Steve Jones hitting
George Nestorovich at the plate
Roy Luksch connects
Ray Cox with a base hit
Russ Maziarka fly ball catch
Paul Doherty ready at 3rd
John Sackett making a throw from 3rd
Mark Ewin about to connect
Nice hit
Scott Stein at the plate
Rob Watkins eye on the ball
Gar McCray see the ball, hit the ball
Tim Talbot squaring up
2021-22 Season Champs - The Kings
IMG_027Good game!
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